We Help 7-Figure Ecom Brands Scale Their Profits By Predictably Grossing 20%-41% Of Their Monthly Revenue Just From Email Marketing

Without them having to spend more on ads or acquire new customers to make it work

Hear what our clients have to say about us

Eduardo Neves, owner of Embuarama Craft Beer

"Working with you brought me security, tranquility, and confidence I was on the right path. Most importantly: you brought me RESULTS!"

Matt Lloyd, serial entrepreneur, owner of movingtocostarica.com & several other DTC brands

"Over the past decade, I have invested several hundred thousand dollars into copy. I've hired many copywriters for different email sequences, and, kept the best ones on a monthly retainer (some for years). Over that period of time, there were just a few I consistently went back to.JC is one of the rare ones, where I'd bring him an offer, and we were able to craft compelling copy every single time.

Mariana Rabelo, owner of Embu Consulting

"Man, you're a genius! I really want to keep you on my team. I have no doubt that we can make a lot of money together."

Sanmeet Walia, owner of DataVinci

"JC is anything but a disappointment. He was able to complete the task in one go with his professional and efficient work style. He provided us with clear explanations of different options, which helped guide our decision-making process. He responded quickly to queries we had in a timely manner. His knowledge and experience in email marketing make him an asset to any team."

Aakash Gandhi, owner of Workik

"JC has a very methodical approach to his work. He calmly listens, understands, and suggests high-value pointers. Communication is top-notch. Would highly recommend him for email content writing."

Victor Abreu, personal brand owner

"Surprisingly entertaining and persuasive email funnel — J.C. and his team delivered it in only 10 days! Their copy converted more sales than my previous one and allowed me to impact more people with my product."

Our Process To Achieve 20%-41% Of Our Clients' Monthly Revenue
Just From Email Marketing—In 90 Days Or Less

Initial audit of email account to check for any deliverability problems and low-hanging fruits.

Segment lists into 6 key categories, based on: engagement level, buying frequency, and spending level.

Map out the priority email flows and campaigns for the 1st month.

Write the new flows and campaigns, get them designed, and build them in your ESP account (Klaviyo, Sendlane...).

Conduct A/B tests, monitor results, and optimize on a weekly basis.

Deliver an accurate report every month to evaluate progress and adjust KPIs for the next period.

A Bit Of The Work We've Done

So far, we've handled the email marketing operations of over 10 brands in a variety of DTC niches.

Case Studies

The Wrap Life
From $7k/month to $30k/month in 90 days!

Before Inbox Cash Flow:➜ Flows were making $0 (their setup was wrong)
➜ Campaigns were making $6k-$7k/month
➜ Klavyio $7k

After Inbox Cash Flow:✔️ Flows are making $7K/month
✔️ Campaigns are making $23K/month
✔️ Klavyio $30k/month

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